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About us

KARAS, Kara's Avian Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary, will take in any and all Parrots with the hope of finding them a permanent home. If they are not able to be rehabilitated then they will stay in KARAS Sanctuary to live out a long, happy, healthy, loved life! We have many tree play stands and an abundance of toys to keep busy as well as one-on-one time every day with Kara, Glenn and any volunteer that stops by!

All of the birds in the Sanctuary are here to stay whether it be a direct request from their prior owner, medical condition, attitude problems or just in need of a little extra love!

Each bird gets a daily fresh food diet and a pellet/seed/nut/veggie dry mix. Some like green, some like sprouts. Some like pellets and some like seeds. It all depends on how they were raised and how fun it is to forage for food! KARAS makes it challenging and fun to eat each meal, making sure every birdie has everything that they need to live a healthy Parrot life!

KARAS will always strive to provide food, shelter and pure enjoyment to each and every Parrot in hopes of showing them that not all humans are bad & we can live side by side with full trust and companionship! We will never give up on these abused animals, no matter what mental or health issues they may bring home with them, KARAS will gladly accept and love them all.

Kara's Avian Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary (KARAS) was formed to:
• Rescue birds from abuse, neglect, improper care/mistreatment and/or any parrot in need of a home whether it be for adoption or placement in our sanctuary
* Facilitate adoption for parrots that need a new home
* Help parrots who outlive their guardians find a forever home or place them in the Sanctuary
* Accept any and all Parrots left to KARAS via will, written statement or verbal agreement (with approved prior consent)
* Provide care and rehabilitation for birds that are deemed un-adoptable, mean, or unfit for being a pet 
* Prepare and evaluate all birds for adoptions to loving and caring families including all necessary medical attention
* Provide a life-time sanctuary for those birds that are not suitable for adoption, including those unable to function in a home environment.

There are many cases of injured and homeless parrots whose owners no longer want or can not care for them. This may be due to a death in the family, birth, divorce, relocation, or simply that the owners lost interest. More often than not, people purchase birds as an "impulse buy" not knowing the hours of time and care that they require. Families enter their local pet stores to see the baby birds and instantly fall in love because they are so sweet and cuddly. They snuggle against you and make cute little sounds but they don't always stay that way and stores or breeders usually don't tell you that the sweet, cuddly baby you bring home today is going to go through a "terrible twos" stage for the rest of their lives! They are going to go through puberty and hormonal periods as well. After the 5-6th bite, that oh so cuddly flying friend is no longer what you expected and now the cycle begins. Do you post an add to make your money back? Give him/her to a shelter for a (possible) new home? Pass on to a friend who has more time? Anything to end the screaming and bloody fingers.

This is just the beginning of the Parrots traumatic life, all because their human owners did not take the time to research the pro's and especially the con's of owning an exotic bird. All of this leads to the bird ending up at KARAS in search of a "forever home" once again. This time with more hate and less trust for humans, many of them in need of medical attention and most with plucking problems and/or anxiety.

With all of this in mind, it is KARAS goal to be able to provide these birds with a safe haven in which to live until they can be adopted one last time. Once the birds become adoptable they will be placed in suitable homes within the Bay Area. If they are not adoptable, they will stay in the sanctuary and live a full life here at KARAS!


EVA- Her beak was bitten of when she was born along with her brother, Wall-EE

WALLEE- Eva's twin brother


BOBO- Over-preens, plucks and barbs his feathers due to loneliness. He now has a new pal to keep him company and lots of new feathers coming in!


JASPER- He may look normal but his feathers have a hard time growing in and are spaced very far apart. He also needs constant baths to help his pin feathers grow.

Snookums- One of our oldest "Fids" (Feathered Kids) in the flock, Snooks visits the vet more often than the others to check her heart and liver for any signs of aging.

Panda & Cynthia- Separately they were both caught in the wild about 20-30 years ago, brought over only to breed. Oddly, both had their wings damaged while being caught and sadly can not open one on each side.

GOOBERS- A young boy- only 3 years old- GooGoo was over-preened by his over-doting mother. Something very common in parrots, especially Macaws. He also has no toes but manages to perch amazingly well. And as naked as he is, he can fly! 

EFFY- This young boy was injured while trying to be caught at the pet shop he was put up for sale at. He also came to me with the skin under his wing chewed up & bloody.

SONNY- Sun-Bun is my brattiest Fid but we love him no less. He used to fly to his owners neck and bite till blood shed. Altho he loved his male owner, the female absolutly had to go in his mind! He has no toes as well.

MAX & POLLY- These two were "stored" in a garage for 15 years in a 24" x 30" cage, together. They are inseparable, preferring to be alone but despite their past human interactions they are very sweet and can be scratched/held!

GREYSON- Grey-Grey has "scissor beak". It is thought to be caused by improper temperature during artificial incubation, genetics, or incorrect feeding techniques by human or feathered Mom.

ALEX- Beautiful Alex has anxiety issues that were temporally controlled with a strong, sedative-like medicine but after speaking with a specialist he is better off w/o them!