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We have many birds up for adoption year-round. If you are interested in adopting a parrot please contact me via email with the following info:
-which Parrots you would consider adopting- 
-your location-
-work hours-
-why you would like a Parrot, specifically the species you are interested in-
-items that you have ready for your new friend- 
-have you owned a Parrot before?-
-are there other humans or pets in your home?-
-your local veterinarians name and location-
-any other info you would like me to be aware of-
I will be asking you many more questions so please be prepared, this is just the beginning!
After I have reviewed your info you can come visit the available birds and we will see which parrot is best for you! Coming in with an open mind and letting a bird choose you will bring a more positive experience for everyone involved.
When a Parrot has picked you I will visit your home to make sure the environment is appropriate, including but not limited to: veterinarian care, cage size, play area, other pets and small children, food/treat awareness, appropriate toys and general knowledge of the species that is being adopted.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you gather the correct items for your bird. Our adoption process is stringent and strict, but we always remind our new Parronts that the only reason we are so tough is to ensure we find the best possible match between bird and human.
Many of these birds have been re-homed quite a few times so we are only interested in finding them a forever home, not a temporary home until the household gets fed up, bored or simply can not handle the parrot anymore.
Please note that I will NOT adopt out for breeding or ship our birds. You MUST be present to adopt. No exceptions, so please do not ask. 
To sponsor a Fid all you need to do is send him or her a toy every month and/or a donation via our website, in person or our mailing address located on our "Contact The Flock" page. If you are close you can come hang out with your new pal, too!
Please make sure that the size of the toy is correct for the bird that you are sponsoring! Sure Max & Polly would love a toy made for GiGi but it will disappear in 30 seconds! If you do not have a preference of bird- wood, plastic, shredders or acrylic of any size will do. All toys will be put to good use!
To find out what your specific birds' favorite type of toy is or to confirm a toy just drop me an email and I will let you know! You can also ask the Fids yourself, they will tell you exactly what they want!
As for volunteering, please contact me to schedule a day/time to come hang out with the Parrots, clean and help with basic chores! Our facility accommodates many Fids and their human pals so stay for an hour or stay all day, either way the birds and I appreciate your time! Love and attention is a must in these Parrots lives and they will soak up every bit of it!
ALL COMICS ARE PROPERTY OF KARA'S AVIAN RESCUE AND SANCTUARY! Please do not re-post, share, steal, use or copy any of our photos w/o prior consent! Thank you!